• Eight11 & Amitree Event

    New Free Event: Will Customer Satisfaction Make Or Break Your Business?

    For all the talk about how to get clients in real estate, there’s little conversation about how to keep them for life. That’s the subject of Eight11’s very first event series, which is co-sponsored by Amitree, on May 6, 2014. And you're invited. Learn MORE!

  • Facebook Advertising

    Facebook Advertising: Why, How and Then What?

    Facebook is serious business, especially for those that want to take advantage of the vast amounts of potential clients collected in one place. For this reason, Facebook is the greatest marketing tool ever conceived. So, despite all the funny cat videos and viral Bieber mugshots, it’s time you considered Facebook in your marketing plans, if you haven’t already.

  • Blocksy

    Blocksy Reinvents the Real Estate Portal as We Know It

    If you think portals are ugly and over-run with ads, you need to visit Blocksy.com (even if you don't live in New York) It’s a whole new way of thinking about what a portal could and should be — no ads, all brokers and agents and plenty of cool free tools. It’s downright sticky.

  • HomeFinder Acquires Open Home Pro

    HomeFinder Acquires Open Home Pro

    When 35,000 agents pay for an app, you know it’s something special. But what happens when it’s acquired by a giant in the industry? Here’s the story of Open Home Pro and HomeFinder — a match that could be good for everyone.

  • 45 Real Estate Experts

    2014 Here We Come: 45 Experts Predict What's Next in Social and Tech for REALTORS®

    Want to re-energize your social media and select the right tools and technology to grow your business in 2014? Look no further — here's the ultimate guide to help.

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