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How Much Should You Invest in Your Brand?

Your personal brand is your most important asset. But is it a diamond in the rough?   If you’re working full time in real estate, and are making a living at it, you run a bona fide business. That’s because you are likely an independent contractor who must generate your own business — and pay for […]


Are you wasting money on search engine marketing?

If you’ve ever spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on pay per click advertising, but haven’t gotten any leads, there just might be a good reason for that. Few marketing tactics are as attractive as pay per click advertising. The idea of putting a little ad on Google and driving thousands of visitors to your […]

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Eight Reasons Why Your Marketing Doesn’t Work

Are you awash in marketing initiatives but feel like you’re not getting anywhere? The reason is simple. You may be spending a lot of money going nowhere, because you don’t know where you want to go. It happened again this week. A call from an enormously successful agent came in a little after 5:30 p.m. […]


SavvyCard Wants to Be Your Mobile Website. Should You Let It?

SavvyCard is a new mobile website ecosystem that promotes sharing and interaction. Is it ready for real estate? What is SavvyCard? To hear David Etheredge, co-founder and CEO of SavvyCard tell it, it’s a wholesale reimagining of the mobile experience for small businesses that want to engage customers wherever they happen to be. Which these […]


Need a Fitbit for Your Brokerage?

There’s an ocean of amazing data in your MLS’ RETS feed that can help you run your brokerage. Can Real Estate Ally unlock it for you? Let’s say you’re a small broker in a small town in Kansas, where the average sales price is $180,000 and you do just about 100 transactions a year. You’re […]