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Paper? Digital? Is Technology Really the Issue?

Adoption is at the Heart of Success for Transaction Management Systems Nearly everyone uses some form of transaction management software. It’s table stakes these days in real estate. Most consumers, agents, and brokers alike expect paperwork and transactions to be handled digitally. But what does that really mean? For some, “digital” means using a service […]

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Zillow Buys DotLoop

Zillow Just Bought DotLoop: Does it Matter?

In 2013, over cocktails at a Real Estate Connect function, I asked Austin Allison, DotLoop’s founder and CEO, whether the company was a secure document management platform. “No,” Allison replied. “We’re about collaboration and ‘peoplework,’ not paperwork.” DotLoop, Allison continued, was a platform dedicated to managing people, discussions, tasks and documents that happen to be […]

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UpNest Says When Agents Compete, You Win. But is it Good for Agents?

Should you win clients by discounting your commission? UpNest says yes — and 3,000 agents agree. Competing for listings is a fact of life for agents — and the competition can be fierce. To agents, the reasons why homeowners ultimately select an agent can seem capricious and even self-defeating (if they’ve selected a weak agent instead […]


How Much Should You Invest in Your Brand?

Your personal brand is your most important asset. But is it a diamond in the rough?   If you’re working full time in real estate, and are making a living at it, you run a bona fide business. That’s because you are likely an independent contractor who must generate your own business — and pay for […]


Are you wasting money on search engine marketing?

If you’ve ever spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on pay per click advertising, but haven’t gotten any leads, there just might be a good reason for that. Few marketing tactics are as attractive as pay per click advertising. The idea of putting a little ad on Google and driving thousands of visitors to your […]