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Here’s a sad fact: One out of two marriages will end in divorce. And that means a lot of houses will be going on the market. Want a piece of that business? Meet Rebogateway.

Wish you could know which houses are likely to sell in your farm? Rebogateway can tell you. It associates events that typically cause a property to sell with the properties themselves.

It’s super cool — even if it is a little disquieting to pursue a listing based on someone else’s heartache.

Whether it’s a divorce (22 percent chance the house will sell in a year) or a notice of default, ReboGateway associates each public record for such negative events with the assessor’s records for real property.

The result is a profile of a neighborhood that instantly identifies which houses are likely to go on the market in the near future.

Rebogateway • $30/month per user, per county

Rebogateway gathers publicly available information about divorces, FSBOs, notices of default, probate and tax defaults, as well as data on listings themselves including just listed (MLS and non-MLS listings), just sold, expireds.

When paired with real property records, it’s obvious that this data becomes a powerful prospecting tool. Rebogateway is designed from the ground up to help agents uncover and capitalize on opportunity.

You can set up your search by zip code, radius or even by drawing a polygon on a map. Once you save the search, you can drill down into individual records, which contain as much information about the homeowner as Rebogateway can find.

Each homeowner/property profile will show you comps, neighbors, market conditions, area defaults and even the history of the property’s loans. Rebogateway enables you to size up a prospective listing in a matter of seconds.

It’s easy to see how targeting your marketing to properties that are actually likely to sell is a smart use of your time and money. Instead of “spraying and praying,” where you send out thousands of postcards to everyone, you simply call on the people who statistically are most likely to sell.

That’s a time saver, and a more productive way to prospect.

That’s the point of Rebogateway, according to Brian Fox, Benutech’s vice president of sales.

“The whole idea of Rebogateway is to make agents more productive by getting more listings,” Fox explains. “And while it’s true we’re using negative live events [like divorce] to predict which houses are likely to sell, the truth is that these properties are going to sell and the homeowners are likely to hire a Realtor. So why not get there first?”

Fox says that Rebogateway is the only product of its type to fully integrate property records with what’s happening in the homeowner’s life.

“We enable every agent to leverage big data in a way they haven’t been able to do before,” Fox continues. “Now it’s easy for an agent to really track their farms and know precisely what’s happening.”

Rebogateway enables agents to follow as many as 8,000 properties at once. Agents can set their preferences to receive alerts when a property in their farm is affected by a life event.

“That means that an agent can get to the door first,” Fox says. “That’s just an enormous advantage when you’re competing for listings.”


  1. Scott McBride says

    Please send me info regarding your service for St. Charles County Missouri. I am very interested in this as I am in my 4th year as a licensed realtor and realize that unless your a listing agent you are not going to do well. Also will you let me know how many agents use your service for my county. Also would be interested in St. Louis County as well. One more thing please include whether you require a contract, and how long it is for. I am in process of setting up a website, I don’t use my generic Keller Williams one. KW probably has the best training of all the brokers, but they overhire and after the rah rah start, they drop out. Only people who are team leads make more than 80k a year.


    Scott McBride


    Scott McBride

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